Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three Peas in a Pod

This is how they play hide and go seek. They always hide in the exact same spot. It's hilarious.
Her hair is finally long enough, and she finally had enough patience with Mom to allow me to put her hair in a pony tail. Corey LOVED it! And so did Autumn. She is all about doing hair. GIRL! Need I say more.

She loves to kiss Carter on the head. She is ALWAYS doing it to her baby doll too. It's so cute.
This is Iron Princess. She could not decide what she wanted to dress up as, but no matter what outfit it is, she will have the princess shoes on. I love having a girl!

Guess who? She is out little mouse. She likes to shred everything she can get her hands on, and eat everything off your plate while sitting on your lap, after she has just eaten the exact same thing off of her own plate in her own chair. I wonder where she gets that from? (ME)

Such a cute little Iron Mommy. Everytime I burp Carter, she has to burp her baby too. Monkey see, monkey do.
Playing hide and go seek.
We had a little slumber party in the basement the other night. We had popcorn and watched Kung Fu Panda. Or as Ethan says it, "Hung Ku Panda."

I have decided with the lack of sleep in my life these days that I had better start writting the cute and not so cute things my kids are doing, because it is changing so fast. This new year has brought an explosion in personality in these two that is so fun to watch. They are such good buddies.
Ethan has been saying some of the funniest things:
When he wants the Salt and Pepper, he'll say, "Mom, can I have the black and white?"
He likes to tell me how big he is getting. I think I only told him one time that he needs to try and eat all of his food so that he can get big like his Daddy, and for some reason that seemed to stick. Most of the time he finishes everything on his plate and then has me stand up so that he can measure how much bigger he has gotten against me. He likes to stand on his tippy toes too. It's really cute.
I am always trying to ask him questions that I know he will answer with some of my favorite things he says, like, "Ethan, you are getting so big!" And he'll say, "Yes, I'n are."
And this one I know we have probably told a few of you, but Corey was going to Scouts and Ethan LOVES going to scouts with him. He asks Corey if he can go with him every week, and this particular approach happened to work. He asked if he could go, and Corey told him he could go when he was a little bit bigger. And about three seconds later he said, "Dad, I'n bigger." Then Corey said, when you're older, okay kiddo. Then again, three seconds later Ethan said, "Dad, I'n older." Tu-shay. Because he actually was bigger and older. He's quite a clever little cuss.
I love the way he says bathroom, he says, bass-youm. And speaking of the bass-youm, he camps out in there! The other day I was looking for him and found him in the bass-youm, I opened the door and he proceeded to show the pooh that he had wiped on the toilet paper and then said in a panic, "Look Mom, I got bugs in my butt!" I think we might have over done the bugs thing, but you use what works, right?
Ethan and Autumn like to sing this one ALL THE TIME, and that is the song, Superman, by REM. I told Ethan that it's "Daddy's song," because we all think Daddy is Superman around here. Now we can't get them to quit singing it, however, the words have changed. Ethan likes to say, I am Superman, and I can't do it either. Instead of, I am Superman, and I can do anything. It always puts a smile on our faces.
And here are just a few words that he says and what he is actually trying to say that I just love:
Hella-ba-chop-cher: Helicopter
Scrooky Grabber: Screwdriver
Slipperly: Slippery
Rearry Berry...: Really very...
Askigent: Accident
Shun: Sun
I got the proposal of a lifetime last Sunday too. Ethan noticed Corey's wedding ring and Corey was telling him that it meant that he was married to Mommy. When I went to get in the car, Ethan asked me if he could marry me. Corey proceeded to tell him that I was already taken and that it doesn't work that way. What it really means is that Mommy and Daddy are going to be together forever. I think he was okay with that answer, but what he really wanted was to wear the ring.
And last but certainly not least, Ethan loves that show, Super Why on PBS kids, and the other day he slid down the stairs on his back side and said, "my butt has to go fast for Super Why."
Ethan cracks us up everyday! He really is getting to be so big and is growing up so fast. He is loving his Pre-K class. He is a very head strong little boy which poses a problem every once in a while, but usually there is a reason for every action. We are learning so much from him, and he is such a big helper with Autumn and Carter, and such a blessing to have. WE LOVE YOU ETHAN!
Some of the cute things Autumn is doing:
Whenever she wants something that you have or that Ethan wants, she always says, I do.
When she sings the superman song, she always say, I am Soupman.
She loves to sing and dance. She can dance to church music and make it look good. It's a lot of fun. When she wants to sing I am a Child of God, she starts singing," Sidewalk away." Meaning, walk beside me, help me find the way.
Whenever you ask her a question, it's always, Oh, Yeah.
And the way she says okay is always like you are putting her out to do something. "OKAY!"
"No" has become her new favorite word.
"A Poopa," means she's either poopy or needs to be poopy.
She is always saying, "Don't cry Carter." She LOVES him!
Whenever we get throwing her around, which she loves, the child has no fear, she will always say, "Againg!"
At night time, she will always ask for a "Sawn", and when you sing a "Sawn" that she doesn't like, she will always be polite and say, "No sawn." and if you keep singing, she will sit up and put her finger to her lips and say, SHHH. It's hard not to laugh.
She always says that she has an owie, and they happen to always be on both hands. If that isn't princess like, I don't know what is.
Sib up: Means sit up.
She will always grab your face with both hands when she wants you to talk to her or when she wants you to talk to her. And then she will give you kisses, but it has to be on both cheeks.
She will only rub noses with her Dad. It's there thing.
And last but not least, we have started putting Autumn in time out. Her favorite thing to do to get herself into time out lately has been hitting. So I put her in time out the other day and when I went to get her out, I asked her why she was in time out, and she said, "For hitting Ethan and Mommy." I said, that's right. Then I said, now what do you say? She said, "Thank you." I laughed my head off. I thought that was pretty funny. She has since started saying Sorry, but she was saying Thank you for the first few rounds of time out until she started figuring it out.

She is so much fun, and I am so happy we have a girl. I'm just sorry that she's the only one. I hope she stays as girly as she is because it's so much fun. She does have a pretty serious attitude, but she is always telling us how cute she is. Thanks to her Dad. We LOVE you Autumn!
Aren't kids just so much fun. We'll discuss the not so fun another post.