Sunday, October 18, 2009

Summer Fun in the Hot Hot Sun 2009

Four Generations! Going to and coming back from Lake Powell is a lot easier when you know you're going to Grandma Joy's house.

This picture has a story behind it. When we were out in Utah we went and visited my Grandma Runia while she was in the hospital. While we were waiting for the valet to bring our car around, an older Downs Syndrome gentleman walked by, and Ethan could not stop starring. I tried what I could to get his focus elsewhere, but it wasn't working. After this man walked passed, Ethan stuck his tongue out, and we weren't the only ones in the room who watched him do it. He just had this look of confusion on his face with his tongue sticking out. Kids just don't know. It was HILARIOUS!

All of us together again. Next to never happens with us all spread out. Can't wait to do it again!

For old times sake. Forever Powell!

Check out that diaper action! It couldn't be attached to a cuter kid! Although, she wasn't really all that cute there. She was Satan wrapped up in a cute little Autumn shell.

Can't wait to do this again! Little Sahara, here we come! Thanks Kye and Nat for the memories, and the wheelers.

Ethan couldn't stay off! He drove this four wheeler all day long, all by himself! I can't believe that's my baby!

Lovin' it!

Autumn and Jayda at the Children's Museum in Salt Lake.

Ethan couldn't get enough of the helicopter on the roof to play in. He kept butting in line.

Oh the times they have in Nanny's bath tub. She LOVES to play with them, and they LOVE to go to Nanny's house. I've never seen such proony kids.

Thanksgiving Point at the Children's Gardens. Those of you with Children know how difficult this can be to get every kid in the picture, and then to have them smile... Yeah, right. But we had a blast! Can't wait to do that again.

Playing the tree drums.
Ethan and Skylynn Harmon at the Trail Center. He's quite the lady's man... Already! At least he has good taste. She is SO CUTE!

Our garden 2009. It started out beautifully, and then got a disease, and it pretty much killed everything except for the bell peppers and jalapenos. Fun while it lasted.

The party was at our house all summer long. My neighbors Mom let us barrow her blow up slide and we put it right out in front of our door. It was quite the event and tons of fun. Yes, I went on it, are you kidding me! I was not letting that pass me by.
Autumn turned 2! She got to pick out her cake at Sam's Club, and she chose the princess cupcakes. She got a baby doll and stroller, and all the accessories. Car seat, swing, etc. She thought she had died and gone to heaven. She loved it!
He LOVES his car! He's very protective of it. Such a happy kid. Always has a smile on his face.
So that does it for our summer fun. I miss the warm already, but am really looking forward to some Utah snow. It's so different than Nebraska snow. Trust me, there's a difference.

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