Saturday, November 14, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween brought so many different adventures this year! Too many to be honest. We're going to try and keep it a lot simpler next year, for sure. But it was fun.This was at the Children's Museum. They made the cutest Haunted House for little kids that I have EVER seen. I thought this picture was rather fitting. Autumn can be quite the witch sometimes, but look at how cute she is.
And so it begins... Each day he is getting braver and braver. I give it no more than a week. Again, don't mind the date on the picture. Our camera is SO out dated, but it still manages to capture the moment and only costs in batteries, so I guess we'll keep it around. (At the top of my wish list) but moving on...

This is at the Ward Trunk or Treat. It was like, 40 degrees outside, so they moved it indoors. Thank heavens. Ethan was Iron man, Autumn was a "Pink Tink," and Carter was a dragon. It was so cute to watch him crawl around in that costume. And for some reason, I managed to not get a picture of all three of them in there costumes. Hum.

This was my pleasant Autumn at the Cherubs Choir Halloween Party. She likes to stand out in the crowd. Literally.

Children's Museum Haunted House.
So October was BUSY to say the least. Carter turned ONE! We had a little party and some cake. I had my first official Parent Teacher Conference. It went well. For the Halloween Festivities, we went overboard! Our neighborhood does the ghost thing, so we made treats and left them at there door. We went to the Children's Museum Haunted House, The Cherubs Choir Halloween Party, Ethan's Halloween Parade and Party at School, the ward Trunk or Treat, and then went Trick or Treating. It was a bit much and I am sick to death of CANDY!
We've had a lot of projects to keep us busy and few girls nights/ guys nights to break up the monotony. Looking forward to the next Holiday, because all we really HAVE to do is EAT! One of my favorite things to do.

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