Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Festivities and Family Fun

We actually made it to Utah for Christmas! It was no easy task but we did it and it was so worth it. We hadn't been back in two years, so it was nice to see family and friends around Christmas time. I took so many pictures, it was really hard deciding which ones to put on here because let's face it, pictures say a thousand words. Let's just say we did a lot of laughing and a lot of partying. We really needed a vacation from our vacation when we got home. Which brings me to this picture...
Need I say more... We went to the cabin for New Years and we were having so much fun, she fell asleep on the 4-wheeler in the freezing cold! Yep, she's cross eyed! Talk about KOed. It was a lot of fun. A lot of the Stowers were up at there cabin, so it was a little mini family reunion.
Sitting in my favorite spot... Right next to the fire with child in hand. They help keep me warm.

This is our kids getting to know there Dad all over again. Gotta love Christmas break. Wish we had more time to do things like this... Just hanging out together. It was fun to see family, but this was my favorite part.
THE COMMANDER... Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it. We needed something bigger and were fortunate enough to stumble upon this. Let me just say, HEAVEN! And Corey and I got each other the roof carrier for our Christmas present. Talk about a dream come true. None of our kids touch each other! It's a beautiful thing.
What kid of Hogge would they be if they didn't have some sort of project to do. And a Jeep one, no less. We start 'em young.
WE LOVE GRAMMY! She's amazing. She's a machine. I haven't found anything that woman cannot do!

Christmas morning. Doing the present dance. And I'm here to tell you, she doesn't get cuter than this! Christmas morning was awesome. Santa came to Nanny and Grandpa John's house, and happened to leave a few presents for the kids at Grammy and Grandpa Larry's house too! He spread out the day of surprises.
I don't think Ethan can pull a normal face anymore. This is infact his personality. I LOVE IT! This is sledding down Nanny's drive way. The wind was trying to blow us off the mountain, so we used it to our advantage and let it blow us down the drive way. It was so much fun! My Mom spear headed to operations, and talk about one adventure after another. I think she slept for the next 3 days after everyone left. We did Sledding, Temple Square, acted out the nativity, had a family Christmas Program, an AWESOME dinner, and gift exchange. It was a busy week. Not to mention the endless movie parties. It was a blast.
Aisia and Autumn sledding down the drive way. Autumn was the hitch hiker. She was catching a ride with anybody goin' down. She LOVED it!

Okay. I had to put this picture on here, because it is by far one of my favorites! I see it and it just makes me laugh. What a dork! He makes me laugh everyday.
Christmas morning. I must say, we've had better looking moments, but I'll have you know, I MADE THAT BACK PACK! I made one for Ethan, Autumn, Carter, Jayda, and Tyson. Never to be made again. Maybe someday I'll fall in love with sewing, but it just hasn't hit me yet.
Notice the nose. She, Ethan, Tyson, and Addie were playing Rudolph and Santa. Addie was Santa, and Ethan, Autumn, and Tyson were the reindeer. They colored their noses with chalk. It was really cute, and they played for HOURS!!
The wisemen. Quite pretty, I must say.
Just a picture to prove that he does have hair! He's getting quite the personality on him, and the hair is quite fitting. Spiked, like Ethan.
SO MUCH FUN is what it was. We were also able to get together with some friends that we haven't seen for years, and talk about a laugh a minute! Why we didn't take pictures is beyond me! I even got a new camera for Christmas! (Thanks for moving up in the world, Nat) Next time.
Thanks for the memories and all the fun!


Callie said...

I think you could collect pictures of the faces Ehtan makes and make a book solely on those. I want to see those backpacks up close! I'm super impressed that for "not sewing" you could make that many backpacks! way to go! Your kids are little models. So cute, Missy. We miss you all!

Jess and Jer said...

It was fun seeing you guys even though we had sick kids and could only see ya a few times, but it was fun anyway.